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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Nursing, Bachelor of Science (BSN)

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(124 Hours)

Students wishing to declare a pre-nursing major at the baccalaureate level must either be unconditionally admitted and/or have completed all developmental coursework and cleared conditional status. Students not meeting these requirements will need to declare Interprofessional Health Science Program as a major until all developmental course work has been successfully completed and/or conditional status has been cleared. Once requirements are met, then students can declare a major of pre-nursing or nursing.


Admission to the BSN program is competitive. Meeting minimal admission criteria does not guarantee acceptance. For admission to the BSN program, students must

  1. have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 on 4.0 scale. (All hours attempted are used in calculation of overall GPA.)
  2. file an online application with the School of Nursing. Consult academic adviser or BSN Coordinator. Deadlines for receipt of BSN applications are March 15 for fall semester and Sept. 15 for spring semester. Registered Nurse students enrolling in the RN Mobility track should contact the RN Mobility Assistant Coordinator for admission times.
  3. have successfully completed general studies courses. A grade of C or above is required in many of these courses. For additional information, contact the office of the BSN Program Coordinator or visit the School of Nursing website at www.troy.edu.
  4. have a current, unencumbered RN license in state of clinical practice if student is entering the RN Mobility course sequence.
  5. be able to achieve certain core performance standards required by the duties of the nursing profession.
  6. If transferring from another school of nursing, submit a letter from the dean/department chair of that school stating that the student was eligible for continuation in the school. Students transferring from another school of nursing who are not or were not eligible to continue in the nursing program in which they are/were enrolled are not eligible for admission to Troy University’s BSN program unless they first completed an associate degree program from a regionally accredited institution and/or a nationally accredited nursing program (ACEN, CCNE, CNEA) and are registered nurses.


  1. Students are required to have an overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for enrollment in the Clinical Nursing Sequence.
  2. Students are required to make a grade of C or better in each nursing course.
  3. Students may repeat only one 3300-4400 level nursing course required in the BSN clinical nursing sequence (with the exception of NSG 3315 - Pathophysiology ): therefore, a second D or F in any 3300-4400 level nursing course (with the exception of NSG 3315 - Pathophysiology ) will result in automatic dismissal from the program.
  4. Students who are planning to apply, or have applied, but have not yet begun, the BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence, may repeat only one 3300-4400 level nursing course from the required courses in the clinical nursing sequence; thereafter, a D or F in a 3300-4400 level nursing course will automatically disqualify the student from entering the BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence.
  5. Students who drop or fail a theory or clinical course with a co-requisite component must drop the co-requisite course.
  6. Comprehensive Exam will be administered in NSG 4417 - Professional Nursing Seminar . This exam will account for 45% of the course grade. (Note: The exam is not required for students in the RN Mobility track.)
  7. Students must graduate within 150% of program completion time (7 semesters to be completed in no more than 3 1/2 years) from date of admission to the clinical nursing sequence to date of graduation from BSN program.

Additional policies related to the BSN program may be found on the School of Nursing website. Enrollment may be limited based on available resources.


Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the student is awarded the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and may then apply to the Board of Nursing to write the licensing examination to become a registered nurse (RN).


The clinical facilities used for student learning experiences in the BSN generic track are located in Troy and surrounding communities. Students are responsible for transportation and the cost of meals. For specialty clinical experiences, there may be a variety of settings and geographical locations for these experiences.

The clinical facilities used for students in the RN Mobility track are located in a variety of settings and geographical locations.


The bachelor nursing program at Troy University at the Troy Campus located in Troy, Al and the Dothan Campus located in Dothan, AL is accredited by the:

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 975-5000

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the nursing program is Continuing Accreditation.

View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at https://www.acenursing.org/search-programs

Unless otherwise stated, please refer to the General Studies Program  section of the catalog for required general studies courses in each Area for all majors:

Specialized General Studies Requirements

Area II

Select one of the following:

Select a six-hour history sequence:

Select three hours from the following:

Select 3 hours from the following:

Elective Choice

(Select 3 hours)

Select one of the following courses (3 Hours):


Selected General Studies course requirements may differ for students admitted to the RN Mobility program. See the director of admission and records at the School of Nursing in Montgomery for further information.

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