Jun 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

College of Communication and Fine Arts

The College of Communication and Fine Arts is comprised of six units: the Hall School of Journalism and Communication, the John M. Long School of Music, the Department of Art and Design, the Department of Theatre and Dance, the Department of English and the Department of World Languages and Classics. The mission of the college is to provide excellence in instruction in selected communication and fine arts disciplines along with practical experiences in communication and journalism, theatre, dance, music, visual arts, graphic design, English and foreign languages.

The college assumes that the richest experiences of human beings arise from their abilities to analyze and interpret intelligently and imaginatively works of art and performances as well as the rhetoric and actions of past and present leaders; to communicate effectively within a variety of contexts using the multiple languages and tools of the communication and fine arts disciplines; to make intelligent decisions in an increasingly complex and diverse, media-driven society; and to work together harmoniously in groups to accomplish established goals.

The mission of the College of Communication and Fine Arts is to provide opportunities for students to become independent learners capable of making intelligent choices based on a value system. The College of Communication and Fine Arts focuses on excellence in academic performance, enhancement of student lives and preparation for careers in an ever-changing world. Troy University’s College of Communication and Fine Arts is a primary provider of cultural events benefiting the citizens of Troy, Pike County, the region, and the state. Accordingly, the college offers such fine arts events as art exhibits; symphony band, jazz band, and choral concerts; and theatrical performances.

In addition, the college offers a variety of lectures, workshops, master classes, ensemble opportunities and camps for middle school, high school and college students throughout the state in art, theatre, dance, music and journalism. CCFA maintains strong community partnerships with the City of Troy, Johnson Cultural Arts Center, Troy Arts Council and the Wiregrass Museum of Art.