Jul 21, 2024  
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

Kinesiology - Strength and Conditioning Concentration Degree Plan/Progress Record

30-33 Semester-Hour Program

Degree Requirements:

1.  Official transcript(s)   6.  Overall GPA of 3.0
2.  Unconditional Admission   7.  Completion of research requirement with a “B” or better
3.  30-33 Semester hours of credit   8.  All credit earned within 8 years of graduation
4.  Meet residency requirements   9.  Successfully completed Comprehensive Exam; if applicable
5.  No more than two grades below “B” 10.  Graduation Application filed

Required Core Courses: (9 sh)

Non-Thesis Option: (3 sh)

Items to be Discussed:

  1. One term limit to have transcript(s) and test scores on file
  2. Temporary, Conditional, and Unconditional Admission
  3. Availability of faculty for academic advising
  4. Petition for transfer credit once unconditionally admitted
  5. Class attendance
  6. Drop and Withdrawal procedures; deadlines and consequences
  7. Petition for an incomplete grade
  8. Student participation in course and program evaluation
  9. Other

Admission Status:

Test Scores