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2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

College of Communication and Fine Arts

Combining tradition with innovation and internationalization, the College of Communication & Fine Arts focuses on sustaining excellence in academic performance, enhancing lives, and preparing students for careers in an everchanging world. We seek to be Alabama’s institutional leader in advancing arts and humanities education and achievement.

The College assumes that the richest experiences of human beings arise from their abilities to analyze and interpret intelligently and imaginatively works of art and performances as well as the rhetoric and actions of past and present leaders; to communicate effectively within a variety of contexts using the multiple languages and tools of the communication and fine arts disciplines; to make intelligent decisions in an increasingly complex and diverse, media-driven society; and to work together harmoniously in groups to accomplish established goals.

The College seeks to create a climate within and beyond its institutional boundaries that encourages responsible, ethical, and informed expression within the disciplines of which it is composed.

The College of Communication & Fine Arts is a primary provider of cultural events benefiting the citizens of Troy, Alabama and the broader region. Accordingly, the College offers such fine arts events as art exhibits; symphony band, jazz band, and choral concerts; and theatrical performances (including musical and children’s theatre and dance). In addition, the College offers a variety of symposia and workshops.

As part of ongoing planning and evaluation, the College regularly assesses student learning outcomes for each degree program.

Degree Program Troy Campus Phenix City Campus Dothan Campus Montgomery Campus Troy Online
Strategic Communication         X

* Please refer to http://admissions.troy.edu/ for specific program availability by location